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News and Reviews for NASCA

AOHA has added some new classes to this year's show bill which will also be added to NASCA’s show bills

There is also a post in the AOHA state horse championship horse show 2019 page on Facebook for more information on these changes

Color Horse walk-trot 
Color Horse Halter 
Ladies Trail Pleasure 
Pony stakes 
These classes need to be added to every club's show bills

It was also decided for NASCA to split the Western halter classes that were previously shown together so now stallions, mares, and geldings will be shown separately at NASCA shows

Tack stalls will now be available to rent at state for $100 and that can be split among groups if you want

It’s time to start selling and putting together ads for the NASCA and State books, state ads are due by December 9th, NASCA ads are due by January 18th

Ad pricing: 
Full page: $150
Half page:$100
Quarter page: $75
Business card:$50

All clubs need to sell 5 ads for the NASCA book to receive their books free, NASCA as a whole must sell 4 full-page ads to receive state books 
The front inside cover and the back page are still available in the NASCA book as well