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The Main purpose of NASCA shall be to formulate and present to all member clubs a standard set of rules or regulations from which all member saddle clubs will govern their activities.  These rules shall be unbiased and with a single purpose to assist all member saddle clubs and their members in show and activity presentation.  They shall emphasize to member saddle club officers and NASCA officials to know these rules so that standardization can be accomplished throughout NASCA.  To promote friendship, sportsmanship, fellowship, and high ethical standards within and between all member saddle clubs throughout NASCA.
Jimmy Dean, NASCA President
2018 Member Saddle Club's
Blount County Saddle Club, Blount County, Al------------------------President:
Blountsville Saddle Club, Blountsville, Al--------------------------------President: Danielle Stapp
Circle C Saddle Club, Alexandria, Alabama----------------------------President:
NAYSC ( North Alabama Youth Saddle Club)--------------------------President:
Rainbow Saddle Club, Rainbow City, Alabama------------------------President: Stan Smith
Sand Mountain Saddle Club, Boaz, Alabama--------------------------President: